All Decked Out

So we have all but finished the building, the last big job was to finish the access ramp, which had been delayed by the lovely, wonderful, fascinating archaeology test pit that was where its foundations were going to be.

And that is done … Wednesday, we have an air tightness test, which is essential for Building Regulations, and then soon we will have the Building Control Inspector come and (hopefully) sign us off.

There are still odd jobs to do, putting up the soap dispensers and a paper towel holder in the loo, for instance. But nothing critical.

Finely polished

At the very beginning of the construction, our Mission Statement was to build a high quality facility, and now we are reaching the end of the journey, the quality of the workmanship and thought that has gone into the Bluebell Centre is becoming apparent … in particular, the floor, recycled Oak from Pitzhanger Manor, collected, stored, moved, cleaned, laid, sanded, and now finished! 30981173984_2e6bc695dc_zgleaming and looking oh so beautiful.

Some other photos to complete the story to date

Moving in

We ve started to move in to the Bluebell Centre. The first thing to go was 0ur Records Cabinet, a fireproof, beast of a thing; we needed lots of people to move it, so put out a call and did it on a Conservation Management Morning when there were able bodies aplenty. And we rebuilt the teaching circle, are putting in a new hedge, the Archaeology is finished, and there was a Birthday …

The move went well, and now the cupboard is restocked …

Proudly Announcing It’s Identity ….

The Bluebell Centre has arrived … we’ve had some beautiful Oak Letters “in stock” for a while (and had some fun playing with them … ) and today, very, very carefully, they were put up. And the effect is wonderful 30951396820_3fcab95c85_z..

Suddenly the building has identity and character.

That’s not the only progress today!


Roll Out the … Guttering?

One of the “to do” jobs was the guttering … we’d decided that it ought to be done by a Contractor, Southern Gutter Systems, to whom thanks … they even r1an of an extra length for the boot room, at no extra! Much appreciated guys!

On reason was the choice of material … we’ve used a seamless, formed on site aluminium. As it’s aluminium, it will never corrode, and it is readily recyclable at the end of it’s life.

Being formed on site, there are only joints where it goes round corners, so less to leak and maintain. and it came pre-coloured, so will not need painting. Ever!

It came on a roll, as flat aluminium strip, and a nifty machine on the back of the van rolled it out, and formed it to shape. As it came out, reinforcing struts were fitted, and it was rolled out to suit the length of the building. Then lifted into place as a single piece, and jointed at the corners.

We’ve guttered the flank and the sides; the back runs off straight into the ditch, and we’ve not worried about down pipes or chains – the discharge runs out direct into the ditch. I’m told there are plans to make gargoyles, and I’m not sure they are joking.

Forecast for Thursday afternoon is “heavy rain shower”, so a chance to test it. Photos of the wonderful machine, and those magnificent men with their guttering machine …

Final Fixings …

We have two photographers on site, John Morrell and Deborah Worsley, and their uploads do not always synchronise, so some of these are a bit out of sync. but worth sharing anyway!

So the boot room floor is laid, the gutters come on Tuesday; and lots of other odds and ends going on … the big, remaining jobs are finishing the Ramp (making allowance for the Archaeology test pit that is still being worked in), sanding and sealing the floor, and making the cupboards in the boot room. There are about 40 other jobs listed, but lots of them are “cleaning”.

Its all GREAT…

They take some time, but all the work now is visible, so its important they are done neatly, well, to a high standard … so progress is relatively slow, but very real … as you can see the boot room floor is being laid, Len.’s made a beautiful job of boxing in the front of the basin unit in the corridor, with spare roof Shakes, which looks amazing, and lots of people have been working to finish the ramp, which looks great (will be better when the grass has grown)

On the Last Leg

It is official, it is downhill to completion; some of the jobs are quite big still, but a couple we are planning on getting contractors in to do, which will speed it up. So far we are on budget

The to do list includes …. sanding the floor, filling and sealing it (last!), and putting guttering up – we think a job for the pro’s.  Today we’ve been plumbing in the basins, in the corridor, completing the accessible loo, treating the corridor with the special fire retardant paint. Completed is the fire alarm, and the intruder alarm is close to completion.

Steps, Ramps and Sunshine

We’ve been prioritising outdoor work while the weather lasts, so we ve been working on the steps, the Access Ramp and enjoying the sunshine; but inside work has been continuing,  the accessible loo is all but complete (theres a 400 mm long bit of waste pipe to put in). The boot room is nearing completion; the steps are complete, the ramp is making good progress – we are going to build over the Archaeology Test Pit (we’ll let Kim out first) and have removable sections so the dig can continue when the weather and time permit

A month of progress

I cant believe its been a month since the last blog … partly due to my being away; progress continues …. the floor is finished (but needs sanding and sealing) the polytunnel is down; the site is much clearer, the alarms are almost completed, the boot room is fully enclosed, and looking great. Loos are all but complete (need a catch on the Accessible Loo and some more hand rails, plus the basin to be fitted).

There is more to be done …. the ramp needs finishing; basins to install in the corridor, the floor to be sanded and sealed, guttering would be nice! lots of bits and pieces.

Photos, of course,say more than words